Children’s Garden

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Magnuson Children’s Garden is a vibrant, interactive garden located in Magnuson Park. From the first design meeting in 2001, to this year’s community events, this garden has been an inclusive project, with all its whimsical and interactive features dreamed up by local children and carried out by child and adult volunteers. The garden is open FREE to the public 365 days a year, and a delightful place for families to have self-guided scavenger hunts and other adventures.

Whale Tail

Whale Tale

Garden Features

This unique garden is filled with plants and other features that delight all the senses:

  • Plants that feed butterflies and other beneficial insects, hummingbirds and songbirds;
  • A Snack Wall Garden of berries to nibble on;
  • Child-size picnic tables, benches, and tree stump stools for visitors of all ages;
  • A sea of flowering grasses that rustle in the wind;
  • The Tea Garden, filled with fragrant mint;
  • A sweet little garden shed “house”;
  • The Log Pile, for building forts, nests, bug houses, or other playful structures;
  • Bog Gardens made from buried swimming pools;
  • The Rolling Lawn, for taking spins and giggles down the hill;100_0270
  • A spiral path up the hill to the Lookout, the highest point in the whole community garden, surrounded by Oak tree “pillars”;
  • The Salmon Survival Path, created by local school children and filled with mosaic steppingstones and pools depicting the upstream journey of our native salmon;
  • The Starfish Garden, where kids can bask like a butterfly on a seating rock, surrounded by the fragrant herbs and perennial flowers that line each of its arms;
  • A giant chalkboard for outdoor garden art;
  • Tidepool Gardens with interesting Sedums and other underwater look-alikes poking up through the rocks;IMG_4174
  • The Grey Whale Garden, complete with mosaic tail surro
    unded by “splash grasses” a tall grass spout, and giant mosaic eyes to give a wink to as you walk by!

All these wonderful features are the result of the creative input from children and parents at garden design gatherings held in 2001, 2004, and 2015, as well as informal input from children and parents who have attended special events, nature classes and camps in the garden over the past 15 years.


This ever-evolving creative process, and the resulting garden installation and stewardship, has been led by a team of volunteer landscape designers and other community members who formed the Children’s Garden Committee in 2001.  The role of the Children’s Garden Committee has been mainly to figure out how to fit all the children’s fabulous ideas into the garden, and how to keep it all thriving! And a happy task it has been. From the beginning, careful attention has also gone into fulfilling the children’s requests for plants with interesting shapes, colors, and scents, and plants that provide wildlife habitat.

Our plan is to make sure that the garden is never labeled “done”, because we want every new generation of children and parents to be able to participate in the creativity of new ideas and the joy of seeing their dreams come true in all the years to come!

Magnuson Children’s Garden is visited by hundreds of families each year for self-guided exploration, and their instinctive knowledge of how to interact with the garden is a testimony to the ideas that have come from the hearts and minds of the children involved in its design.

Magnuson Children’s Garden is also used as an “outdoor classroom” by teachers and children from the 70th & Sand Point Child Care Center, the Magnuson preschool program, and NOAA “Little Anchors” preschool, as well as by several organizations that are headquartered in the Magnuson Brig building, such as Outdoors for All, NE Seattle YMCA, Magnuson Nature Programs, and Seattle Audubon summer camps.


The Magnuson Children’s Garden Committee hosts a variety of FREE monthly events in the garden and nature walks in the park from spring to fall each year:

  • Family Garden Days: Drop-in garden and nature exploration activities for the whole family to enjoy!
  • Community Stewardship Events: Drop in for an hour or two of easy and simple gardening for all ages and abilities, and we provide all gloves and tools!
  • Family Garden Classes: A learning experience for parents and children together, with hands-on activities and take-home projects!
  • Nature Walks: Visits to natural areas such as the Magnuson Wetlands, Promontory Point, and more!

We welcome you to attend these fun and educational events, and to visit the Children’s Garden any time for self-guided adventures.  For more info, or to subscribe to our free “Magnuson Nature News” monthly e-newsletter, visit