Tranquility Committee at the Magnuson P Patch gets off the ground with Stone Soup event

The newly formed Tranquility Committee at the P Patch finished the 2017 gardening season with an event at the annual Children’s Garden Scarecrow Fest in September. Ellen Carpintier led a team in creating a cozy place for children to sit and hear the story “Stone Soup”, while they put the proverbial stone, as well as fresh vegetables from our gardens, into a large pot. With a magical stir, the children created soup— and they were treated to a small cup of hot vegetable soup. The soups were provided by 6 P Patch volunteers, using lots of garden vegetables. We had many readings, and served over 100 children that day at the festival, including a number of our neighboring children from Solid Ground Housing. Our booth had P Patch signs as well as vegetable IDs. It was a fun, lively, interactive day for all of us!

Many thanks to our volunteers that day: Ellen Carpintier, Judy Foley, Kathy Graunke, Cyril Hegel, Linda Strandberg, and Julie Willaford. It took many volunteers—if we have overlooked your participation, we apologize, everyone’s help was hugely appreciated. We also had a Roosevelt High School volunteer, Rosa, who was a big help as well. And additional thanks to Papa Murphy’s on Lake City Way who provided the plastic cups and pizza coupons for the kids.