MLK Day Project

On Martin Luther King day in January, we completed a big project to deal with invading roots from the Poplar tree and rose bushes in the northeast corner of the garden. We rented a “Ditch Witch” power trencher and cut an 18-inch-deep trench along the north boundary and around the northeast corner. Then on MLK day, we had 18 energetic volunteers from UW finish the trench, insert fiberglass panels as weed barriers, and re-fill the trench. The volunteers also worked to refresh pathways and remove millions of roots!

Humungous thanks to Native Plant Border partners Barbara Broderick and Tom Kelly, and to awesome hardworking P-Patch volunteers Leslye Coe, Liz & Jeff Bottman, Bozena Jakubik, Susan Eggers, and Marty & Bob DeLong!