June 10th Work Party

work party 6/10/17At the work party last Saturday, we had over 33 gardeners participate with a total of 96 hours! The weather was perfect: cool and cloudy but dry and bright.

– One plot was overgrown with horsetails. An elite team cleared the plot so the new gardener could get started.











– One gardener had medical issues had asked for help weeding. Another hardworking team weeded her plot. She was delighted with the result!

– We hung out lots and lots of the burlap bags to dry. Once they were dry, we re-stacked them in the concrete bunker by the compost bin and covered them with tarps so they’ll be re-usable in the fall.


– We cleared a load of trash that had been dumped in one of the concrete bunkers and arranged to take it to the dump.

– A big team led by the inimitable Marty DeLong weeded the perennial garden.

– A few meticulous gardeners carefully weeded and widened the gravel pathway alongside the raised beds.

People baked and brought way too many deliciously tempting goodies!

new sign for Magnuson Community Garden's Demonstration Orchard

We have a new sign!

P Patch Work Party Scheduled for this Saturday, June 11th!

A P Patch work party is scheduled this Saturday, June 11th from 9am to 1pm.

Leaders: Leslye Coe and Liz Bottman

Tasks will include:

  • Finishing weeding and chipping the gathering circle.
  • Weeding around the raised beds.
  • Cutting back grasses along the fence behind the tranquil garden and replanting elsewhere.
  • Weeding and sheet mulching a needy patch in your Pod.
  • Watering food bank gardens as needed.

Participating in this work party is a great way to get your volunteer hours in and to meet your garden neighbors! An added bonus: the weather promises to be cooler!