Food Bank Gardening


One of our Food Bank plots

One of Magnuson Community Garden’s food bank plots one evening in early June 2016…

Last summer, Magnuson Community Garden donated close to 5,000 lbs of fresh, organic produce – more any other Seattle area p patch – to local Seattle area food banks!


FYI – Gardeners can donate from their own p patch garden plots. Delivery to Magnuson Transitional housing is on Mondays, with drivers leaving at 9:30am to make deliveries. Delivery to Lake City Food Bank is on Fridays, with drivers leaving at 9:30am.

Produce can be left in the north side of the shed. There is no need to weigh or log produce; drivers will do that.

Produce such as leafy greens, should be left the night before or morning of a scheduled delivery. Other longer lasting vegetables can be left earlier.


Food from our garden ready to be delivered…


For more information, please contact Magnuson Community Garden’s Food Bank Coordinator Chris Budech (cbudech “at”

Magnuson’s Food Bank Program #1 in Seattle for Donations in 2015!

The Magnuson Community Garden is one of the largest in the Seattle P-Patch system with 11 food bank plots (also known as Giving Gardens) that are planted and harvested by Magnuson P-Patch volunteer gardeners specifically for donation. Gardeners also donate from their own P-Patch gardens. Organic produce donations are made to the Lake City Food Bank and to the Transitional Housing Programs located in nearby Magnuson Park Housing.Food Bank garden plot

In 2015, Magnuson Park Community Garden donated 4,739 pounds, placing Magnuson at #1 in terms of donations. For details on all 2015 donations in the Seattle area, the Giving Gardens 2015 Report is available for download.

More information about Magnuson Community Garden’s Food Bank Program can be found here.


Food bank update

tomato plant

As of August 22, 2015, Magnuson’s p-patch program has donated 2,800 lbs. of produce! This high total means that it’s likely we’ll surpass our last year’s end of year total of 3,300 lbs.!

A couple reminders from Chris Budech, Magnuson’s p-patch coordinator:

  • If you need back-up harvesting, contact Chris or your pod leader.
  • If the weather is cooler, it’s ok to put veggies like zucchini, squash, beans and maybe under-ripe tomatoes in the food bank shed a couple of days early if you can’t make the eve before or day of delivery.
  • Deliveries are Mondays and Fridays at 9:30am.